Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brazil is the Country of the Future - and the Future is NOW

Brazil GDP
Growth of Brazil's GDP - the size of its economy is now over $2 trillion.

There is an old saying about Brazil that sums up its mixed history:  "Brazil is the Country of the Future - and Always Bill Be".  Luckily though for Brazilians, the future is increasingly now.  Consider its economy.  After long lagging behind most of the developed world despite its huge size, Brazil's economy recently passed Britain's to become the sixth largest in the world and will likely move past France's economy by 2016.  It now has a GDP of over $2 trillion.

Brazil is a huge country, with a continental landmass the size of the United States, and a large population of nearly 200 million people.  While the country still has many issues - including a large gap between rich and poor - its economy is set to continue to grow faster than developed world nations' economies, and Brazil has become an agricultural powerhouse and continues to improve the quality of its manufacturing sector while its financial markets also continue to mature.  While China and India get most of the attention among the so-called "BRICs" (Brazil, India, Russia, China), any analysis of the future of the global economy must include Brazil.

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